Pharma Consulting: A question of the right partner for strategy development and solving special cases

What makes Pharma Consulting successful?

Choosing the right partner and consultants for your pharmaceutical company is critical to ensure that you can deliver consistently high quality while remaining competitive.

Compliance and flexibility

Pharma consultants oversee and guide companies through all product life-cycle phases, including planning, design, testing, and production. Our pharma consultants help clients discover new business opportunities, reduce risks, lower costs and make faster and more informed decisions.

Pharma Consulting focuses on regulatory compliance and quality improvement of key drug development processes. This includes providing support on GCP (Good Clinical Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Pharma Consulting covers the following areas, among others:

  • Strategy consulting and strategy development/pharmaceutical business strategies
  • Product design and development
  • Clinical trials
  • Regulatory affairs and marketing authorisation procedures and applications
  • Quality management
  • Pharmacovigilance

As a Pharma Consultant, we can assist on a targeted case by case basis. This means we can provide short-term support for a specific project, such as an audit or a marketing authorisation procedure. In addition, we can be a long-term and strategic partner for projects and companies.

Thanks to many years of comprehensive experience and expertise in pharmaceutical consulting both locally and internationally, we can ensure that your projects are handled professionally. This means we can develop tailor-made, pragmatic concepts and deliver quality solutions in a short time.

How can Mediconomics consultants support me?

Our extensive expertise and experience in the different areas of our services ensure in-depth knowledge of the various hurdles and difficulties that companies in the pharmaceutical industry regularly face.

We can help you gain different perspectives and identify strategically well-thought-out and target-oriented solutions. In doing so, we keep in mind that a timely response is critical for our pharma consulting clients, as it allows them to solve problems with a structured approach and meet specified deadlines.

At your request, we can either provide you with support and advice to be implemented in-house or use our resources to contribute directly to your project. Our unique combination of expertise and experience working to solve special cases makes us your reliable and competent partner.

Our Pharma Consulting Flyer is available for download.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Pharma Consulting comprises consulting services provided by experts for the pharmaceutical industry. Such consulting companies have several decades of experience and can draw on a wealth of expertise. In this way, strategic decisions can be made with foresight and special market knowledge.

Only a few very experienced companies offer Pharma Consulting. These are predominantly companies or contract research organisations such as Mediconomics, which, with decades of experience and up-to-date expertise, are able to provide advice even under challenging circumstances.

An external pharmaceutical consultant is often beneficial for complex pharma projects wherein decisions need to be supported, or additional information is required. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the areas of Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance, we are also able to explore avenues outside the ordinary with you – thinking “outside the box”.

Our team also has access to a well-established network of experienced experts, enabling them to identify and contact the right person to answer specific questions, even within a tight time frame.